Fotona Spectro SP ND:YAG 1064 NM


5-10 minutes



Lasers have been used to treat various vascular changes since the 1970s. With the introduction of new wavelengths and different pulse duration, laser vascular lesion has become safer and more effective.



How does the Nd: YAG laser work? Nd: YAG laser light mainly acts on hemoglobin. As heat is absorbed by the blood, blood is produced in the blood vessels and the vessel wall is destroyed. The blood vessel eventually dies, and through the natural processes of the body, the dead tissue of the vessel is removed from the body, disappearing like bruises in a few days to a few weeks. Treatment may include blood vessels up to 4 mm in diameter. Ideal parameters depend on wavelength, pulse duration and spot diameter. Long wavelength laser light reaches essentially deeper layers of skin and should be applied to deeper layers of the skin. The greater the diameter of the vessel, the longer the duration of the pulse is required to slowly warm the entire vessel. The laser beam with a larger beam diameter penetrates deeper into the tissue and optimizes the delivery of fluency to the desired locations. The best results are achieved by combining selective photothermolysis with homogeneous photothermolysis: The selective photothermolysis method is designed to eliminate superficial red blood cells Homogeneous photothermolysis is an excellent tool for treating larger and deeper vessels



Permanent closure of the vasculature Removal of ruby vase



Skin inflammation
Fresh tan or use of solarium (up to four weeks before the procedure)
Applying self tanning
Metal implants
Hypersensitivity to light Waxing, tweezing up to 4 weeks before surgery
Apply exfoliating treatments – mechanical chemical peels (stop using one month before the procedure)
Cancer Cystoscope in the treatment area
Epilepsy Use of isotretinoin (in the last 3-6 months)
Use of tretinoin (in the last 2 weeks)
Antibiotics, steroids
Analgesics, aspirin
Taking photosensitizers, photosensitizing herbs, dietary supplements
Pregnancy, breastfeeding



It is recommended to use mild and odorless dermocosmetics that contain a derivative of vitamin K, chestnut extract and arnica mountain. The patient should avoid sun exposure, use light-sensitive drugs and excessive exercise.


one utensil 50zł
nose from 100zł
face from 450zł
cleavage from 500zł
cheeks from 250zł
beard from 200zł
face + cleavage from 700zł

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