Manual cleansing of the skin


1,5-2 hours



Manual cleansing of the skinThe manual facial cleansing treatment effectively restores the skin to a clean and refreshing look. It aims to remove blackheadsAnd improvement of the condition mainly oily and mixed skin. Manual treatment is recommended throughout the year. Regularly performed treatment will maintain a nice and healthy appearance of the skin for a long time and will prevent the appearance of new impurities and inflammation.The frequency adjusts individually to the skin needs of the customer.Manual cleansing should be performed as a pre-treatment procedure so that refreshing, cleansed skin will facilitate better penetration of active ingredients containedIn cosmetics. indications: Skin contaminated; Blackheads, pleats, enlarged poresRefreshing the skin, improving the colorBetter absorbed active ingredients


After thorough cleansing of the skin and its application to the vaporizer, the cosmetologist applies the manual treatment of the contaminants.After removing impurities and thorough decontamination, the customer lies with a face mask. At the end of the treatment apply to the face softening and silencing cream.


Skin cleansing with blackheadsDecontamination of the skinImproved appearance and color of the skin


Inflammatory skin conditions, fungal diseases, active bacterial and viral infectionsRashHerpesAcne pustular and purulentRosaceaFlammable skin and eye areaAbility to form keloidserosions


It is recommended to use soothing and soothing products.


1 treatment 240 zł

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