5 - 20 minutes



Thermally controlled radiofrequency ThermiSmooth250 is the world’s first device that uses radiofrequency in a safe manner. It gives the operator full control over the temperature and allows you to perform the procedure at the correct depth of the skin. ThermiSmooth250 as the only operating at a frequency of 470 kHz and provides a very accurate application of heat to the desired depth of 3.5 cm inside of the tissue, which in turn allows to achieve unprecedented effects of anti-aging. ThermiRF Treatment is an advanced platform has revolutionized the use of equipment in aesthetic medicine.




The effects seen after the first treatment,

Shapes the body and tightens the skin all over the body,

It reduces wrinkles,


Reduce fat,

Excellent results in sensitive areas: around the knees, shoulders and chin,


Effects visible after the first treatment

Shapes the body and Tightens the skin all over the body

It reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates

Reduce fat

Excellent results in sensitive areas: around the knees, shoulders and chin


Inflammation of the skin, active bacterial and viral infections

Herpes fever

The wound or infection in the surgical site

Metal implants, pacemaker

Reduced or Increased perception of temperature changes



Diseases of heart, kidney, liver

Pregnancy, breast-feeding menstruation phlebitis blood disease thrombosis

Unhealed cardiovascular disorders

Taking antibiotics




The skin at the site where the surgery was small Performed be flushed, should give way to 12 hours.


1 area 300zł

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