30 – 40 minutes.


4 – 6 treatments


Fotona systems are built on the basis of Er: YAG lasers, it is a new generation of laser systems to use in aesthetic medicine. The eternal desire to preserve eternal youth has led to a huge market of rejuvenating treatments. With the latest advances in the field of laser technology it is now more durable, scientifically proven method to restore the skin’s natural beauty. Laser peeling is a procedure that can be performed at any age, both women and men. 

Indications for surgery:


Stimulation of collagen fibers regeneration

reducing wrinkles

firming skin

Strengthening skin

Refresh the skin,

Improve the colour

Smoothing skin texture

Reducing visible pores and seborrhea

Reduction of hyperpigmentation and acne scars


Skin resurfacing version light exfoliation (Light Peel)


Skin resurfacing treatments of light exfoliation (Light Peel) perfect in cases where the patient wants to minimize the recovery period, and rejuvenating. Light peeling treatment, is so adjusted parameters to interact minimally ablated on the surface layers of the skin, a refreshing effect on the skin. The most common side effect of this treatment is a slight reddening day. For higher temperature work and obtain the reaction of collagen, and thereby improve skin elasticity, modes can be used with a wider pulse, with the same power settings. Modes of wider pulse lead to long-lasting, redness after surgery. The treatment of light exfoliation with the settings specified below causes redness in one-day mode VSP, a two-day or three-day SP mode LP mode.


Skin resurfacing version of average exfoliation  (Medium Peel)


Settings resurfacing the skin is more aggressive, ablative skin resurfacing mode than the mode of light exfoliation. The parameters used medium exfoliation give a more visible clinical effect, which involves a longer recovery time than for light exfoliation. After peeling may occur slight redness, and when the redness disappears, the skin will become brown hue. Scaly skin starts within 2-5 days after surgery. This version of the procedure is called commonly “peeling Las Vegas.


Skin resurfacing version deep exfoliation (Deep Peel)
Particularly clear clinical effect is obtained by ablation of the papillary layer dermis during surgery resurfacing through deep peeling. Deeper ablation than the dermis of the papillary  layer is not recommended, because it would involve a drastic increase in adverse side effects. The treatment can be repeated after 3-9 months after the first treatment to achieve a greater clinical effect. Patients experience strong, intense redness for up to 10 days. Redness usually begins to subside to 5 days after surgery. Areas subjected to more aggressive treatment or more passes are usually reddened for up to 3 months, and in rare cases up to 6 months. After the fifth day, you can begin to apply makeup masking.


The person performing the treatment individually selects the ideal combination of therapeutic parameters (ie. Energy / energy density, repetition frequency, pulse width, beam size) to achieve the desired clinical effect. The laser can be used for skin rejuvenation treatment for removing wrinkles and skin tightening modes for both ablative (shedding) and non-ablative. The treatment according to the needs of the skin can be performed in a fractionated mode (creating a “mesh” microinjuries) or more aggressively in full mode (unfractionated).


Stimulation of collagen fibers in order to regeneration

reducing wrinkles

firming skin

Strengthening skin

Refresh the skin, improve the colour

Smoothing skin texture

Reducing visible pores and seborrhea

Reduction of hyperpigmentation and acne scars



Inflammation of the skin, active bacterial and viral infections

metal implants


 Fresh tan or solarium use (up to four weeks before the treatment)

Applying self-tanner

Sensitivity to light

Waxing, depilation by using the tweezers to 4 weeks before the treatment

Application of exfoliating  treatments – chemical, mechanical peels ( stop taking one month before treatment)


Keloid formation in the treatment area




The use of isotretinoin (3-6 in the past these months)

The use of tretinoin (within past 2 weeks)


Antibiotic therapy, steroids


Analgesics, aspirin

Use of photosensitizing drugs, photosensitizing herbs, dietary supplements

Pregnancy, breast-feeding



The doctor recommends to use the appropriate mitigating preparations, recovering and creams with sunscreen SPF 30 and SPF 50.


Face light 800zł
Face medium 1500zł
Face + neck light 1200zł
Face + neck medium 2000zł
Face + neck + cleavage light 2000zł
Face+ neck+ cleavage medium 3000zł
Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth 250 – 450zł
Hands 400zł

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