Needle mesotherapy


30 minutes




Needle Mesotherapy is a natural, non-surgical method used for years in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of a variety of skin disorders, regeneration, nutrition, and skin rejuvenation.

This method consists in intradermal injection of a suitable active formulation.

Effects are quickly visible after surgery, which affects patient satisfaction.


Indications for mesotherapy:



Improved appearance and skin condition

Anti-wrinkle prevention

Reduce shadows, bruises under the eyes

Reduce discoloration

Clenching of the skin

Prevention of hair loss

Cellulite (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)

Treatment of local excess fat.




How does needle mesotherapy work?

Prior to skin cleansing, an anesthetic cream is used. Mesotherapy is performed using a special set of microspheres. The treatment consists in injecting active substances min. Vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid in the skin layer more accurately at intervals of 5-10 mm. Cocktails used in the treatment do not go to the circulatory system, resulting in strong skin stimulation throughout the treated area.

During the treatment we use highly specialized cocktails, which vary according to the area of application and the problem of composition and concentration.

Various techniques of administration and different time intervals between treatments can be used in mesotherapy

Feelings during the procedure:

Small discomfort is noticeable during surgery. Redness or fine bruising may disappear within a few days at the administration site. After the first few days the skin regains its natural color.


The skin is tighter and stronger

The facial features are sharpening

Oval face carved and expressive

Skin is smoother, tighter, firmer, “lifted”

The face recovers previous tension and flexibility

Stretch effects are largely mitigated

Pigmentation is definitely less pronounced

Skin lightening effect.


Allergy, sensitization to the ingredients of the preparation

Pregnancy, breast-feeding period Inflammation on the skin, herpes

Poor tolerance of surgery (vascular skin, risk of fibrosis)


Use of anticoagulants (aspirin)

Autoimmune diseases

Skin tendency to keloid formation


Out-of-hours recommendations: • Basic care • Use of filters • Moisturizing the skin • The first two days after the treatment is recommended to drink large amounts of mineral water, about 2l • Sauna, sunbathing, swimming pool or intensive exercise is not recommended for about 5 days


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