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First Lift Barb 4D were introduced in 2014 , they are improved version of the thread PDO  which uses a system of microscopic hooks spaced around the thread in two directions, so-called. four dimensions. Threads lifting BARB 4D are much thicker than traditional thread PDO which makes it better fulfills its role so that you can get much better results surgery. The lengths of thread are titrated to the patient’s needs. Threads First Lift Barb 4D may be implanted in patients from 30 years of age, both face-lift and modeling of selected body parts. An excellent alternative to traditional facelift surgery, because it do not expose patients to complications and side effects.


Indications for surgery:


A face lift

Lose of firmness and skin tone

Modelling of selected parts of the face

Lifting chin, eyebrows

Changing the contour line of the cheeks and jaw.

Liquidation of the so-called “hamsters”

Improving the contours of your face

The asymmetry of the eyebrows

Drooping of the upper eyelid drooping shoulders so. pelicans


The advantages of the procedure First Lift Barb 4D:

Immediate lifting effect lasting up to 1.5 years

Quick and painless procedure

Safety of the procedure – no incisions and scars

No need for special preparation for surgery, threads are completely absorbed by the body The possibility of repeat procedures

The lack of visibility of thread


Before the procedure chosen area is anesthetized by using the cream. The doctor inserts a thin thread using igloo-cannula or trocar cannula of the subcutaneous tissue. Once implanted under the skin hooks allow you to achieve spectacular effect lifting and firming the skin. Inserted under the skin work like muscle tension, holding subcutaneous tissue. As a result, after implantation they begin to act as a scaffolding for the flabby skin and firming be seen immediately after surgery.


Aesthetic results obtained during treatment are spectacular and long lasting. The results are visible for about 24 months – after that threads are dissolved in the tissue. With neocolagenesis processes and stimulating the synthesis of elastin and hyaluronic acid, the skin subjected to treatment after the dissolution of the thread does not fall and does not return to its previous state.

These include:
Improve the contour of the face, jaw line, chin, cheeks
Revitalization and reconstruction of the skin
Increasing the density and firmness of the skin
Improvement in skin tone, creating a kind of scaffolding for the skin


Autoimmune diseases, severe physical illness, collagenosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, II and III degree, hemophilia, mental disorders, inflammation and cancer in the area of the planned operation, taking anticoagulants, exacerbation of any chronic diseases, pregnancy and lactation and introduced previously insoluble implants in the treatment area.



For a week after the procedure, do not use the sauna and solarium.  For a few days after the procedure it is recommended to minimize facial expressions.


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